Changing the Swiffer Wet Jet’s Battery

Swiffer Wet Jet batteries are easy to assemble. Since Swiffer Wet Jet comes in many kinds of styles, many people find it great for convenience. You can use the Swiffer Wet Jet for cleaning the wood, tile, vinyl, linoleum and laminate floors. In assembling the battery or changing the batteries, you don’t need to worry. It is very easy and doable. However, make sure that you follow the proper procedure in changing the batteries. Doing the right procedure will make your Swiffer Wet Jet last for a long time.

Step 1: Remove the cleaner

To get the batteries, first thing you should do is removing the Swiffer Wet Jet cleaner. To remove it, you can hold the Swiffer Wet Jet up and down. Turn it side up on the mop. Then push the big button in the middle of cleaner and Swiffer Wet Jet’s pole. The button’s color is white and it is place at the front panel of the Swiffer Wet Jet. Once you push the button then the bottle of cleaner is releasing. Next, pull down strongly to remove the cleaner. Set it aside to prevent leaks when you are changing the batteries later.

Step 2: Open the Batteries’ Compartment

On the battery compartment, you will see a finger notch so you can easily pull it down. Hold it down the finger notch which is placed under the white button. Slowly swing the door of the battery compartment and open it. Then remove the compartment from the handle of Swiffer Wet Jet. You can put your finger between the opening and pull down. Then the battery compartment will be opened up. However, you should be careful to pry the battery cover with other object. The object can break the cover and it may damage your Swiffer Wet Jet as well.

Step 3: Replace the Swiffer Wet Jet Batteries

Then remove the expired batteries and replace them with the new ones. There are four AA batteries for you to replace. Make sure you put in the right direction. Check the sign so you will not put them in reversed place. For your information or you may have already known that the batteries should be recycled. There must be a local store which has recycling depot. You can recycle your batteries for free. You can keep them in a box until you have time to dispose.

Step 4: Reassemble the Door

After you insert the new Swiffer Wet Jet batteries, put the battery door and all the cleaning supplies on their places. If you don’t need to use your Swiffer Wet Jet directly, you can test it without a pad. However, you should hold the button down. When you test, make sure the Swiffer Wet Jet releases the liquid. If not, disassemble it again and check whether you put the batteries in the right place or not. You have to be careful not to burn or destroy the batteries. They are easily exploded. You can dispose with other garbage which will not be burnt. As it is mentioned above, you can check your community if there are a store for recycling batteries.

Step 5: Put the Cleaner Bottle Back

Finally, push the cleaner bottle back into its place. If you hear a snap sound, then the bottle is safe and you finish changing the Swiffer Wet Jet batteries.

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