How to Make Cat Urine Odor Removal Home Remedy

Any cat owner, regardless of where they live, may at one point in their lives wonder if there is such a thing as cat urine odor removal home remedy. Yes, as adorable and hilarious our furry companions are, they can also be extremely annoying. More so when it comes to their hobby of marking the territory. While we can all understand the nature of their urge to mark their own territory, this can be a huge problem.

As normal as the concept is for them, it is still disgusting for us humans. Simply because that is urine we are talking about – not only is it one of the worst smelling odor we have ever encountered, it is also one of the least pleasant thing to deal with.

Some people may mistake us for overreacting, this is largely due to the fact that they only consider it from how easy urine is to get rid of. Wipe it until it dries out, then grab a wet cloth, some water and your trusty floor cleaner, then start moping – voila! It indeed seems easy, and that what we have been doing all this time.

But if there is one thing that these people fail to realize is the fact that no matter how well-moped our floors are, the urine odor will still remain. We may or may not be able to really recognize the foul smelling odor, but our cats can as they are more sensitive to smell than we are. As if to add insult to injury, this remaining foul-smelling urine odor only encourages them to re-mark the territory with their pee! Their urine may be extremely easy to clean up, but the same thing cannot be said for the smell.

Yes, that dreading urine odor. Not only does this offensive odor put you in a difficult and embarrassing situation every single time you have a guest visiting you, it also gives you a headache and risks your health as well as your well-being in the long run. Enough is enough, we cannot fall victim and deal with this for the rest of our lives – we need the best cat urine odor removal home remedy and we need it now!

We may not be able to tell our cats to stop marking their territories as it is their nature. We also cannot afford having to watch every single of their movement throughout the day as we have a lot of things to attend to and works to be done. However, we can make our own homemade cleaner to remove this odor for good!

The most affordable and easiest-to-make cleaners is the vinegar and baking soda spray, simply mix 2-cups of warm water, 2-cups of distilled vinegar, 4-heaping tablespoons of baking soda then put them in a spray bottle. Simply spray as much of it to the stain where your cat’s urine used to be and blot up. The spray bottle for this cat urine odor removal home remedy really is optional, if you don’t have it you can just pour it over the stain right after mixing.

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