How to Make Swiffer Dry Works Most Efficiently to Hit the Dust

Swiffer dry and wet products are great revolution in cleaning dust at house. The products can do awesome works to clean the dust and dirt in every part and corner of home. For the great function and effectiveness in helping you cleaning your home, it is worth it to spend some money to buy Swiffer products. You will not be stressful again about how to make your home free from dust, every day, without so much effort. To make you Swiffer sweeper works more effectively, some tips below may help.

Dust Your House Completely before Sweeping

To dust every part of your house, you can use Swiffer Dry cloths. You can use the cloths to fight the dusts on tiles or wood floors. Use the cloths to clean your furniture first before you use it to clean the dust on the floors. When you have done cleaning the furniture surfaces with the cloths, then you can attach the cloths to the sweeper and then sweep the floor normally. With the dry sweeping cloths, you can hit the dusts on kinds of things at home, including; bookshelves, television screens, nightstands, picture frames, jewelry boxes, dishes, ceiling fans, window blinds, baseboards, and also lamps.

Clean for the Second Round by Reversing the Sweeper

Swiffer sweeper cloths that can help cleaning dusts on any surface must have their maximal loading capacity of dusts. If you find that the cloths can’t collect more dusts much longer, then you can flip over the cloth and then use the reverse side to continue your cleaning activity. You will find that the reverse side of the Swiffer dry cloth having different textures, but both of the sides can clean dust similarly well. When you have done the surfaces of furniture pieces and other things at home, then you can start collecting the dusts and dirt on the floor.

Note: You can also use this technique to use the Swiffer wet clothes for mopping.

Don’t Toss the Cloths but Wash Them

When you have finished cleaning with the dry dusting cloths, it is not recommended to toss the cloths. Wash the cloths with the other cleaning rags instead. If you don’t want to clean them inside your washing machine, you can rinse and clean them easily by hand. Dry the cloths by air and once they dry, you can use them again for the next cleaning jobs.

Make Perfect the Floor Cleaning Process

Sweep the dust on the floor and if you find some sticky spots, you can hit them away by using Swiffer wet jet. Next, make perfect the cleaning process by mopping the floor with Swiffer Wet Jet. Before you scrub the floor by using the mop. You can initially spray the floor with hot water. The spritz on the entire floor will make easier the mopping process. It will give extra water in the process of mopping, keep the cleaning pads damp, and you will not need to do the mopping twice to get maximal result. So the cleaning process with Swiffer wet jet and Swiffer dry will be perfectly done.

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