How to Mop the Floor Properly

Probably when you see this article, you have wondered what’s so special about mopping and why I should learn how to mop properly. Mopping is only splashed the floor with soap water then wiped the water with the mop, right? Yes, you are right. But with the tips and tricks to mop the floor properly with Swiffer wet jet floor mop that we give you, your floor will be shinier and more gleam like it is new. So, bear with us and have a look.

When you start to mop, you do not want other people and even yourself stepping over the floor you’ve just mopped, right? Thus the first tip we are going to give you is start the mop from the back of the room toward the door and you walk backward while you’re mopping. That way you won’t step over the wet floor.

How to mop the floor properly

  1. Dirt and food crumbles will stick to the wet rag and floors, and that makes your work harder. Sweep the dirt and crumbles or vacuum them before you start mopping. Tidy up all the things that are cluttering on the floor. Your work will much easier and faster once you organized everything in the room.
  2. Check the label of cleaning solution first. Some products may have strong impact to hands especially for sensitive hands. For safety reason, wear the gloves to protect your hands or you can use Swiffer wet jet floor mop which doesn’t need a bucket of soap water, so that your hands will be safe since they do not contact with water.
  3. Fill a bucket with water and cleaning solution and start to mop.
  4. Don’t forget to wash the soapy water with plain water. Soapy water can be too slippery to walk on and its ingredient can be too dangerous for us. Imagine if your kids or pets drop something on the floor and they ate that stuff after they picked it up. The solution may be poisonous to kids and pets.

Additional tips to mop the floor properly

  1. Try to mop in the form of horizontal figure of eight. That form will cover all the area and you won’t miss dirt and dust, compare to horizontal or vertical mopping.
  2. However, if you use sponge mop then the best way to mop with it is by mopping in vertical lines.
  3. If you use rag mop, shake out the rag over the bin frequently so that all the dirt, crumbles and dust that are sticks on the rag will fall down into the bin.

You won’t meet the problem on number 3 if you use Swiffer wet jet floor mop. To clean the cloth from dirt and crumbles, you just take it off the head Swiffer wet jet then wash it on washing machine or wash by hands. You can refill the cloth if the old cloth is torn apart. The refill has various scents that absolutely make your room smells nice.

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