How to Replace Wet Jet Refill When Budget is Tight

Swiffer wet jet is the best cleaning product that could clean almost anything from floor to furniture. Many household around the world has been helped by this product. However its price for Swiffer Wet Jet refill is so expensive that makes people facing dilemma whether they should buy the refill or not. There are times when somebody have to tighten his budget for cleaning products. When you are in this situation, probably you are looking to the alternative solution that has the same power like Swiffer Wet Jet solution. In this article we will give you the answer for you problem. Have a look.

Before we start making the solution, you should prepare the empty bottle of Swiffer Wet Jet and know how to open its cap. There are some suggested ideas out there on internet to open the cap, for instance, by using the wrench or boiled water. You can search it by yourself via online and see which idea that is suit for you. Once you know how to refill the bottle, now you can make the homemade solution. This solution recipes are taken from The Krazy Coupon Lady website. There are three recipes to make the alternative solution. Each one has different ingredients so that you can choose the solution based on the ingredients you have in the house.

Solution #1
You only need water and Murphy’s oil soap. Prepare a bucket and fill it with ½ gallon (±2 liter) of water. Add 2 tablespoon of oil soap and stir it. Pour this homemade Wet Jet refill to an empty Swiffer Wet Jet bottle and you are ready to work.

Solution #2
This solution needs hot water, lemon juice, vinegar and liquid dish soap. First you need to fill a bucket with 4 cups (±1 liter) of hot water. Add the hot water with 1 cup (±¼ liter) of lemon juice, 3 cups (±¾ liter) of vinegar and ¼ cup of liquid dish soap. Stir them to combine then pour the solution into an empty Swiffer Wet Jet bottle.

Solution #3
This solution is more like disinfectant liquid since you need hot water, vinegar, alcohol and essential oil for the scent. Fill a bucket with hot water and vinegar. Make sure you have equal measurement for water and vinegar. A cup or two of each is enough to fill a bucket. Add alcohol to bucket. A splash of alcohol will be enough to kill the bacteria in the bottle but if you can add more if you think it is necessary. Add few drops of your favorite essential oil. Orange or lemon essential oil is good to clean greasy floor.

Those are some ideas to replace the Wet Jet refill. However you should remember that this homemade solutions probably do not give the same effects like the original Wet Jet solution. This is just the alternative choice when your budget is tight to buy the expensive refill in the store. Of course once you have enough money, you should buy the original Wet Jet refill for better results.

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