How to Use Vacuum like a Pro

What would our house be like, if we do not have the vacuum? The vacuum is one of several tools that every household should have. The vacuum will help us to clean the floor in the house and our work of mopping will be much easier if we vacuumed the floor prior the mopping. There are various types of vacuum in market. If you ask which vacuum is recommended, then Swiffer vac filter may answer your question. Combine Swiffer vac filter with vacuum cleaning tips from us, then your floor will be clean from any dust, dirt and other particles.

Create the friendly environment

If you do not want your work becomes harder, then you should create friendly environment. For instance, you provide door mat on the entry doors or make a policy that shoe is not allowed entering the house. That way you can cut the amount of dirt and dust coming into the house. You work will become much easier.

Do multiple times

You cannot pull up all the dirt and dust with just one-time vacuuming. You need to do it multiple times from multiple directions especially if you have pets in the house. If you don’t vacuum multiple times, the hairs would still be left on the carpet and furniture.

Make a schedule

Try to vacuum in regular routine. For common household, vacuuming once a week or two is enough to make sure your carpet and floor are clean. However, if you have pets or younger children roaming around the house, you should vacuum the house more often especially in the area where your children and pets most play in.

Tidy up before vacuuming

Try to tidy up a little bit before you begin vacuuming. For example, you remove the small objects from the floors and put them where they belong. Move the furniture so that you can vacuum the accumulated dust beneath it and dust the higher objects before vacuuming.

Focus on difficult areas

Some areas in the house like stairs and closets are difficult to clean by vacuum since there are so many nooks and crevices that the vacuum may not be able to reach them. Modern vacuum tools have some kind of attachment that is used to clean narrow spaces. You cannot push yourself to clean these nooks and crevices in short times since it will take times to clean them. Be patient and focus to clean them.

Empty the vacuum bag on regular basis

After a couple of time vacuuming, the vacuum bag will be full with dirt and dust. The vacuum won’t work properly if its bag is already full. You can make a schedule when it is the time to change or empty the bag. There is one vacuum that doesn’t need bag to collect dust. It is Swiffer vac filter. Its shape is not bulky like another vacuum, and it is cordless. So you can vacuum wherever place you like even to vacuum higher objects. Swiffer vac filter is the most vacuum tools you should have in the house.

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