List of Cheap Washer and Dryer Bundles

Finding the best yet cheap washer and dryer bundles for your budget is, without a doubt, a daunting task. But as daunting as the task may seem, it is still not as daunting as doing laundry and drying it manually. Even the thought of having to do that on a regular basis is enough to make you shudder in fears! Yes, we all are aware that there is no such a thing as a fun chore since almost every chore in our household can be categorized as either boring, or super boring.

Some of us like a type of household chore, but I can guarantee you that the feeling is short lived. Often in the beginning we would feel like, “oh this is not bad, it is actually a bit therapeutic in its own twiste way,” but after a while, you too would take back your words on it and you would start seeing the chore as another mundane and incredibly boring and tiring activity.

It does not help if your household is not the only thing you must oversee and work on, a large majority of us must also juggle college, or work and some of us even have to take care of the children once we get off work. Not only would we be exhausted by the time we had to start working on our house work, we would also be grumpy due to the lack of rest and quality time.

Fortunately these days there are a myriad of products we can purchase to take some of the dreariness of doing our chores – a washing machine and drying machine are two of the most common household items to have. Not only are they a God’s gift for their ability in making both doing laundry and drying effortless, they are also valuable items to have to ensure our clothes are washed and dried properly.

However, there is one problem: they are expensive – which is why we must look for cheap washer and dryer bundles.

Sure we can cut down the cost and purchase a combination of washer and dryer, but cheap as they are, they do not do the job as well as having a separate washer and dryer. Luckily for us, lately there has been an offer on washer and dryer bundles – while the bundles are not as cheap as washer and dryer combo machine, they significantly cut down the cost.

The following is a list of affordable washer and dryer bundles:

  • Kenmore 25132 4.3cu.ft. Top-Load Washer with Triple-action Impeller and Kenmore 65132 7.0cu.ft electric dryer with Smart Dry+ technology for instance, priced at $899.98 this bundle is one of the best in the market.
  • Maytag 4.5cu.ft. Front-Load Washer with Fresh Hold Option and 7.4cu.ft Dryer with Sanitizing Cycle, priced at $1,399.98 this bundle is one the most gorgeous pieces of item we see in the market.
  • LG 4.5cu.ft. Front-Load Washer with Steam and 7.4cu.ft Instant Refresh Dryer with Steam, priced at $1,709.98, this bundle is without a doubt our favorite pick on this cheap washer and dryer bundles list for its incredible load, technology and price.

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