Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floor and Make It like New

Hardwood floor is the most popular floor types for houses. It is because hardwood floor is durable, warm, have an ageless styles, elegant, and easy to clean. The last reason is why every housewife around the world would love to have hardwood floor in her house. Hardwood floor doesn’t accumulate dirt and dust so it does not need every day cleaning. You can clean it once a week or longer than that since hardwood floor would not show dirty appearance like carpet or tiles. You can use Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaner when you clean the hardwood floor, it will eliminate all the dirt, dust, and spot so that your floor will shine like new. Besides using Swiffer Wet Jet, here are some tips to help you cleaning the floor. Let’s take a look. Continue reading “Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floor and Make It like New”

The Benefits of Applying Swiffer Wet Jet Pads

It is important to have wet jet pads if you want to use your Swiffer wet jet maximally. In fact, the pad helps you to clean the floor in the cleanest way. Of course, there are several reasons why you have to use wet jet pads instead of ordinary product. The first reason is because wet jet pads are supported by the latest technology. Just look at the purple strip on the wet jet pad. The strip is known as absorb and lock strip. This strip has a wonderful function to make the cleaning process faster and efficient. The design of the strip perfectly traps the dirty. It is not only trapping the dirty but also keeping the dirty there one the deep part of the pad. Because of this function, you can remove the dirty perfectly. By the time you finish the cleaning process, just remove the pad and through away and it means you can say goodbye to the dirty. Continue reading “The Benefits of Applying Swiffer Wet Jet Pads

Swiffer Sweeper for Wet and Dry Cleaning Methods

One more product you need to make your Swiffer wet jet complete is Swiffer Sweeper. Actually, there are two types of sweeper you can take to support the cleaning process. You can take the Swiffer wet sweeper or Swiffer dry sweeper. Just like the name of the product, it can be used for dry cleaning method and wet cleaning method. So, what is the different between these two Swiffer sweepers? Continue reading “Swiffer Sweeper for Wet and Dry Cleaning Methods”

How to Install Swiffer Refills Into Swiffer Wet Jet

It is a good thing if you already have a Swiffer wet jet. One more thing you should prepare at home is Swiffer wet refills. By using these two products, you can clean the floor at home and the result will make you satisfy. Before using the Swiffer wet jet and Swiffer refills, it is better to learn about how to install the refill. It is important to learn so you can do it fast and you don’t have to get difficulty in installing this cleaning product. Continue reading “How to Install Swiffer Refills Into Swiffer Wet Jet

Steps to Clean Floor with Wet Method by Swiffer Wet Jet

There is a case that you have to clean the floor at home with a wet mop. Actually, there are several things you should do before cleaning the floor. It is important to do so you can really remove the dirt from the floor. Moreover, it is also good to prepare Swiffer wet jet as well as Swiffer wet refills to make it easy. Let’s learn more about how to clean your floor with a wet mop. Continue reading “Steps to Clean Floor with Wet Method by Swiffer Wet Jet

How to Clean Dust from Floor Easily and Fast

It is important to have a clean and hygiene house. By having a clean house, you can keep the health of your beloved family. Let say, you have to make sure that the floor at home is clean from any kind of dirt. Just imagine if your children play in dirty floor. The problem is that sometimes is not easy to clean the floor especially with specific type of dirt. Before doing it, you should read first about trick to clean the floor of your beloved house. Hopefully, later you can really have clean floor so you can let your children play there without anything to worry about. Continue reading “How to Clean Dust from Floor Easily and Fast”

Why Do You Choose Swiffer Duster Refill for Swiffer Wet Jet?

Cleaning dust on the glass or surface of furniture items is rather difficult to do. Sometimes, dust gets back so that it needs to clean it again. The dust is sometimes difficult to clean. It makes you pour water or soap to clean it. Why don’t you take swiffer duster refill for swiffer wet jet to handle it? It seems to be a great act to do. It is a recommended duster refill product for home cleanliness purposes. Why do you choose this duster? Continue reading “Why Do You Choose Swiffer Duster Refill for Swiffer Wet Jet?”

Amazingly Versatile Swiffer Wet Jet and Swiffer Vac to Clean Hair and Dust

What will you use to clean and remove hair at home? You may shave it with razor. If you have a modern razor, it is possibly used. A sophisticated razor can cut hair and dust quickly with no compromises. One of references for modern razors is swiffer wet jet.This was firstly introduced by Proctor and Gamble Company. It is a modern razor for hair and dust cleanliness purposes. What is actually swiffer vac and swiffer wet jet? What are the strengths of this product? Here is the review of this cleaning product. Continue reading “Amazingly Versatile Swiffer Wet Jet and Swiffer Vac to Clean Hair and Dust”

Swiffer Wet Jet and Wood Floors

Swiffer Wet Jet has gained its popularity recently. It has received many positive and negative reviews. Since Swiffer Jet is a kind of mop that can be used on different floor coverings, many customers misunderstood the usage. It is officially written on their website that Swiffer Jet is not addressed for wood floors but still some users used it clean their wood floors. It is feared that woods may be water sensitive. Unfortunately, many homeowners just purchase the product without noticing the words. They even do not do some research whether the Swiffer mop is effective used on which kind of floors. As a result, without proper and deeper knowledge, they keep using Swiffer Jet on their hardwood floors. Continue reading “Swiffer Wet Jet and Wood Floors”

Pros and Cons of Swiffer Wet Jet

Swiffer Wet Jet should be on the list whenever you are looking for the best cleaning products. With lots of cleaning solutions available on the market, customers even get confused which one they have to choose. Some of them may end up with a wrong choice. Swiffer probably has strength and weakness, but overall the product is good to use. It is proven by a lot of housewives today prefer to purchase Swiffer products than others. Besides containing high quality materials, Swiffer is also simple to use and comfortable. Almost all of us have a ‘clear’ schedule when we must mop the floor. With a first-class handle grip, your work is effectively done quickly and in a short time. Swiffer Wet Jet is made to meet the expectation of what a house and the user need. Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Swiffer Wet Jet