Pros and Cons of Swiffer Wet Jet

Swiffer Wet Jet should be on the list whenever you are looking for the best cleaning products. With lots of cleaning solutions available on the market, customers even get confused which one they have to choose. Some of them may end up with a wrong choice. Swiffer probably has strength and weakness, but overall the product is good to use. It is proven by a lot of housewives today prefer to purchase Swiffer products than others. Besides containing high quality materials, Swiffer is also simple to use and comfortable. Almost all of us have a ‘clear’ schedule when we must mop the floor. With a first-class handle grip, your work is effectively done quickly and in a short time. Swiffer Wet Jet is made to meet the expectation of what a house and the user need.

Swiffer Wet Jet pros

When buying a cleaning product, surely you want something from it. With proper price and noteworthy materials, you need the product to work effectively to remove all dust or spots. Swiffer is equipped with a superb absorbent cleaning pad to get rid of any spots or dust. The cleaning pad is installed in a swivel, low profile head. Some dirt is found in every corner of the house, and this is very frustrating if you cannot reach them. But with the excellent design, Swiffer enables you to get to each corner and eliminate dirt. What makes Swiffer worthy to have is the product can be used to clean areas under counters and around the toilet.

Coming with advanced features, Swiffer Wet Jet is easy to use. You will have a bottle of cleaning solution, a cleaning wand, and a set of six cleaning pads. To activate Swiffer Jet, you need four AA batteries. Spray the solution first on the dusty floors and let the mop system works. The dirt and the moisture will be absorbed by the pads and leave a perfect vibe that you will be happy to walk on the floor. There are no tight rules of how many times you are allowed to use the product to get better cleaning. It is simple; you can use Swiffer Jet every day.

Swiffer Wet Jet cons

Well, as an individual, we try our best to look for the perfect cleaning product with affordable price. Stuffs come along with it also has friendly cost, if necessary. However, to refill mopping pads and bottles of Swiffer Wet Jet, you need extra costs. It is not safe to use Swiffer Jet on unsealed tiles, unfinished waxed or oiled wooden boards, or carpet. You need to sweep first before moping with this cleaning product as Swiffer Jet is not able to remove large debris. If you want to have additional scrubbing strips, you must buy them online although mopping pads and replacement solution can be found easily in stores.

Swiffer Jet is a quick mopping tool that wouldn’t give homeowners any problems. With the tool, you don’t have to struggle with a wet mop head or a bucket anymore. The design is simple and effortless. It is easy to use and quickly solve your problems. Seriously, your money does not waste in vain once you choose Swiffer Wet Jet.