Removing Dust and Allergens with Swiffer 360 Dusters

Swiffer 360 is a product of Swiffer that should be had if you or other family members are sensitive with any allergens like pet dander, pollen and dust mite matter. The allergens can be found at home all over the year and the dust mite matter is the most prevalent. Especially in springtime when so many allergens found inside the house. That is why you should know the best way to remove, decrease and also avoid the allergens from the household. By using Swiffer sweeper and 360 dusters, you can remove over 70% of dust and also allergens from the entire house. Then you can feel more comfort inside the clean house.

Swiffer Sweeper and Dusters (especially the dry and unscented products) are the dusting cleaners that firstly get the Asthma & Allergy Friendly certificate from AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America). The products of Swiffer have been tested in the independent labs to meet the high standards of AAFA.

Remove the Dust

If you use a feather duster, it will easily to stir the dust in the air. Yet with Swiffer 360 duster, you can pick and trap the dust as well as allergens in the entire house. This product has thousands of fibers that can lock the dusts and ensure it won’t be stirred around.

Pet Dander and Hair

One common problem when you let your pet shed inside home is the excess dander and hair left. To reduce the allergens, it is important to bath the pets every week and keep off them from beds and also the other furniture. However, it is not easy to do. You can solve this problem easier by lifting the pet dander and hair by using Swiffer dry cloths and sweep the floor by using the sweeper.

Reaching the Hidden Places

The hidden places like the top of ceiling fan are the places where may dusts and allergens sit and difficult to clean. By using Swiffer 360 dusters extender, you can clean the hidden and high places up to 3 feet high. Besides, the dusters extender also has four lockable positions that enable you to clean in behind, around, above, or below obstacles.

Removing the Pollens

Pollen always becomes allergens that enter the home at spring (from the trees), at summer (from the grasses) and also at fall (from the weeds). The pollens come into the house through the air circulation and they settle with the other allergens and dusts on every surface of furniture and floors. But cleaning with Swiffer sweeper and 360 duster will remove them easily with the trapping and locking pollen capability.

Installing the Air Filters

Allergens can become something that move actively on the air. That is why it is also important to install air filters for every room. It will filter the air and provide cleaner air inside your home. So your family members can have air to breathe in better quality and healthier. Therefore, you will have a perfect healthy air inside home, moreover it is always cleaned with Swiffer 360 dusters and sweeper.

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