Swiffer Wet Jet and Wood Floors

Swiffer Wet Jet has gained its popularity recently. It has received many positive and negative reviews. Since Swiffer Jet is a kind of mop that can be used on different floor coverings, many customers misunderstood the usage. It is officially written on their website that Swiffer Jet is not addressed for wood floors but still some users used it clean their wood floors. It is feared that woods may be water sensitive. Unfortunately, many homeowners just purchase the product without noticing the words. They even do not do some research whether the Swiffer mop is effective used on which kind of floors. As a result, without proper and deeper knowledge, they keep using Swiffer Jet on their hardwood floors.

It gets worse when homeowners do not have any information about their wood floors finish. This situation shows how poor their knowledge is so they can’t identify whether the floors were finished or not. Since homeowners do not involve directly when building a house, they do not recognize what type of floor finish was applied. It also happens when homeowners buy an old or a new house, which floors already built in. Because their home is already looked fine and beautiful and nice, they will choose a similar cleaning product they often use to clean their old linoleum or tiled floors. One thing they aren’t aware, keep using Swiffer Jet on wood floors will bring serious problems.

Water is the main formula of Swiffer mop. It sounds really simple: water is the safest ingredient in the world, but why somehow it is dangerous for wood floors? Any wood floor will be sensitive to water. Just try to pour some and you will see how fast water can be absorbed into the wood. Since engineered and laminate wood floor has a veneer with several layers, it would be swelling easily and faster. On the other hand, it would be harder for homeowners to notice whether hardwood floors are water logged. Though water is a good cleaner, allowing moisture breaks through the floors will create potential mould and lead to permanent water damage.

You are expecting a good result after cleaning wood floors with Swiffer Wet Jet, but what happens next? Cloudy splash starts to appear on most wood floors. It occurs because this cleaning solution leaves a build-up on the floor. Now you will work harder because you must remove all of those splashes. You don’t realize you are creating troubles for yourself. The white splashes will always have the space to occur though you have tried your best by picking up the solution. Well, instead of creating beautiful look to the floor, you will have white splashes that even make wood floors dirtier.

Now you have known the fact that Swiffer mop is not allowed on wood floors. If you have already purchase this product and you then realize your floors made of wood, don’t think twice to omit it. Try to look for safer products on the market to be used on your wood floors. Maybe you can find another cleaning solution that works in a similar way with Swiffer but fine for any kinds of wood floors. Don’t do a bigger mistake to your wood floors by purchasing Swiffer Wet Jet.

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