Swiffer Wet Jet Mop

If you want to buy swiffer wet jet mop, then you will find that this brand has varies selection of their wet jet mop. There are many cleaner house products from Swiffer that you can choose start from mop, dust cleaner, and floor cleaner solution. If you want to buy their mop, you can choose the product that suit with your house requirement.

Swiffer Wet Jet Mop Starter Kit

There are swiffer wet jet starter kit mop that use for any house requirement. Choose that most suit with your home requirement cleaning.

  • Swiffer wet jet mop starter kit. This is swiffer wet jet mop for every use to clean any floor type in your house. It can be use for ceramic tile floor, laminate, wood floor, and many more. Featured with reinforced handle design makes you can release the perfect amount of cleaning solution just in one click finger in your handle.
  • Swiffer sweeper floor mop starter kit. This is 2 in 1 sweeping and mopping cleaner equipment. This has wet and dry cloth for different purpose. The dry cloth will go deeply into your floor surface and trap any dirt, dust even the hair fall. The wet cloth will dissolve the dirty and keep it stay clean.
  • Swiffer wet jet mop wood floor starter kit. This is a mop from swiffer that purposed for wood floor finish cleaning. It featured with unique dual nozzle sprayer. This will clean the toughest dirty and lift it from your floor and keep it clean and shiny. Complete your swiffer wet jet mop buying by use special cleaning solution that suit for your wood floor for reveals the nature beauty from wood floor.

When you buy the swiffer wet jet mop, you will reference for buying the suited cleaning solution that match with your floor condition and type. Each of swiffer wet jet mop are designed with ergonomic and convenience design that makes your time to cleaning effective and fun.

Swiffer wet jet mop steam starter kit

If you find that clean your floor is hard to reach deeper and narrow space that has tough dirt and grime, then you can consider buying swiffer steam boost. This is the most powerful steam that combines with the powerful cleaning solution for cleaning floor deeply. This steam mop is features with steam pad, water tank, trigger and light indicator.

  • Steam pad will penetrated deeper and break down any grime, dust and dirty using the steam activated cloth.
  • The water tank is available to hold up to 10 oz water and no cleaning solution required to put in it.
  • The trigger is easy turn on and off with using finger.
  • The indicator light will alert you if the swiffer is already to steam clean your floor.

The best part from the steam clean mop is this is usable for any floor types includes vinyl, laminate and sealed wood, marble and stone, and even the ceramic tile. All of these floor types are clear away in amazing result just by using incredible swiffer wet jet mop.

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