Swiffer Wet Jet Refills

How you can save money without buying expensive swiffer wet jet refills? You can buy the refill product to replace your old swiffer wet jet mop, but it will give you expensive cost to pay. These tricks will give you tips on how you can refill your swiffer wet jet without any expensive cost imagine ever. You will need to spend your money just for buying expensive cap and refills that cost until hundreds. Prepare power drill, glue gun, nail clippers and bolt for hack the swiffer wet jet.

Remove the cap in swiffer wet jet

You must be know that the swiffer wet jet cap has self locking, but it is actually is a old PET plastic material. Prepare hot water and dunk the cap in it. Wait until the cap soften and twist it off. Use nail clippers to clip off the locking tabs. Now your wet jet replaced with refillable bottle and you can fill it with any cleaning solution you want. The refill of swiffer wet jet is expensive and cost you much from different cleaning equipment. Although it has proved as best cleaning equipment, still most of us want to have cheaper equipment right? Thinking for create your own swiffer wet jet refills? Swiffer wet jet is best and different from classic mopping tool, and it also has great design and function that makes cleaning your house more effective and efficient. Then read further below for your cheaper swiffer wet jet refills.

Homemade swiffer wet jet refills

When you buy swiffer wet het, then you replace with the cap and start thinking to fill with the cheaper cleaning solution, and then read this before. The supplies that you need for refill is the pledge floor cleaner, water, measuring cup, empty swiffer wet jet bottle, and wise grip. The first step you need to do is remove the swiffer wet jet cap. You can do as instruction you read before. Add the floor cleaner pledge about 1/8 a cup into empty swiffer wet jet bottle. Mix with 1.47L warm water into the bottle and screw again the cap using hand. Insert the bottle into swiffer wet jet and you can start clean your floor with cheaper wet jet bottle that cost you less than $1. You also able to create your own swiffer pads that can save your tons of money per month rather than buying the new refill package.

Swiffer wet jet refill package

If creating your own homemade swiffer wet jet refills is difficult and no time to do, just buying to replace and refill your swiffer wet jet. The refill is available for sweeping category, mopping refills and dusting refills. Choose what you need for cleaning and home swiffer wet jet types in your home. There are swiffer pad refills, swiffer wet jet wood floor cleaning solution refill, duster cleaner refills, and many more. It gives you instant ways for refill your swiffer wet jet if you do not have any time to create homemade swiffer wet jet refills?

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