The Common Mistakes of Dusting

Have you ever realized that you cannot stop the dust coming and staying in your house? You probably did dusting at one time with the best duster in the market, Swiffer sweeper duster, and suddenly in a couple of days, dust is already accumulated in the house. That makes dusting is the most hateful chores since you know that in short times, all the dust will be coming back again. However, don’t blame it all to the dust just because you have to dusting multiple times in a week. You may have contributed why the dust is so fast accumulated in the house by making some mistakes when you dust. Once you know them, you can delay the dust coming back quickly. Those mistakes include:

Forget the air conditioner and vents’ slats

Most people remember to clean the slats in the walls and ceiling, but often forget to clean the slats in air conditioner and vents. The dust is like to accumulate in these narrow space and if there are too much dust collected in the slats when the air blow from air conditioner or from the outside, the dust will fly down and fill your room. Let alone the wind coming from air conditioner will become lower and not cold like it is used to. Thus make times regularly to dust these slats using small duster or brush.

Dusting in dry condition

Dust is small particle so when you do dry dusting, the dust will fly away and spread to other places. To make your work much easier, spritz a little bit your dusters or cloth with water or cleaning spray. Now you can easily gather the dust and remove it to the bin.

Spray directly on furniture

Cleaning or dusting spray contains chemical ingredients that may change the color of your furniture or make it broke. Let alone creating the filmy surface on wood furniture. The dust will be accumulated more on that filmy surface. Thus you better spray the cleaning products on the duster or cloth you use for dusting. If you don’t satisfy with the result of spraying the duster, spray the furniture very lightly and wipe it clean with clean cloth once you finished dusting. Of course, you know how big the risk you are taken, right?

Neglect to change vacuum filter

Vacuum filter requires regular cleaning or replacing since it has a job to let the dust and dirt coming into the bag. If the filter is clogged, all the dust you’ve been vacuuming cannot go into the bag and they may go back into the air. That makes the dust keep coming back to the room. Don’t forget to clean vacuum filter, okay?

Use feather duster instead of microfiber duster

Feather dust is not able to gather the dust and hold it till you bring it to the bin. Feather dust only makes the dust flying away and fill in the room. Use microfiber duster that will grip the dust until the end like Swiffer sweeper duster. Don’t forget to wash or replace it on regular basis or when you see it is dirty.

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