The Swiffer Pads

If you are one person that cares in clean and hygiene in your house, then swiffer pads is your best friend to do it. A swiffer pads is a cleaning floor tools that you use with cleaning solution for your floor cleaner. After you use several times, you can smell awful stiff in this pads. Therefore, what you need to do is buy new swiffer pads. But how you need to spend just for buying the new one? Here are certain tips for save your money by make your own swiffer pads.

How to make your own swiffer pads at home

To make your own homemade swiffer pads, you need to prepare;

  • Distilled water
  • White vinegar
  • Essential oils ( any favors you favorite)
  • Clean rags
  • Empty swiffer pad container

Mix distilled water and white vinegar to empty container swiffer pad. Put the essential oils. Lemon oil will be great option as it de-greases the properties well. After that, put the clean rags into the container. Ensure that it will absorb the solution and soak up. After the solution has absorb well, then store it with the lid on, or if you the Ziploc bag, the close the top zipped. If you need to use the pad, then just attach the rag into swiffer mop like you usually use the wet pads from swiffer. Ensure that rag you use is pulled strongly and it is available for flip and rag over into other side. How much you spend your money when you use your homemade swiffer pads? It is only need less from $2 per batch. Compare when you buy a container filled with 12 swiffer pads in nearest you that cost about $5. It saves you almost 50%

Swiffer pads refill package

If you think that make your own homemade swiffer pad is hard, no time to create, then the quickest way is just by buying from swiffer products. They have swiffer pads refill for your empty swiffer wet jet. There are several options of swiffer pads that you can choose for your all cleaning purposes. Here are several types you can buy.

  • Swiffer sweeper dry pad refills-unscented. This is best for you who have family member with allergic reactions. It will remove and lock any dirty, grime, mold, dust, hair and any allergens trigger deeply with textured ridges.
  • Swiffer wet jet pad refill- regular. The main function is trapping and locking the dirty and grime deeply in the pad so it will not pushed anywhere.
  • Swiffer wet jet pad refill- extra power. If your floor has tough dirty and grime, this powerful mopping pad will do it for you without any hard efforts to clean.

When your swiffer pads are not work well anymore and need to replace with the new one, then what you need to do is buy the swiffer pads refill for the instant way or create your own homemade swiffer pads. It not only gives you the savings one, but also gives you the favorite scent and solution for swiffer pads.

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