Tips to Use Swiffer Sweeper in Few Different Ways

Recently Swiffer Sweeper gets popularity among cleaning products. It can categorized into two types, dry and wet. It also can be refill if the old one had weary and dirty. Swiffer Sweeper Refills are easy to find. They are available in the shops and online markets. They are so popular that you can find their generic imitations in the market. As the customer, you must be very careful since those generic imitations won’t clean the floor as good as the real Swiffer Sweeper. You can clean almost anything with Swiffer Sweeper from the floor to the roof and you can use it in few different ways. Let’s see what Swiffer Sweeper can do to your house.

High-up surfaces

Swiffer sweeper has long handle that will help you to reach the high-up surfaces, like the top of cabinet, the ceiling, ceiling fans, and many more. Use dry cloth to sweep dirt, dust, spider web and debris on the height zone. If there are stains, for instance, leaking water stain, you can use wet cloth. For stubborn dust in the corner of the wall, use the edge of the sweeper. The head of Swiffer Sweeper can be rotated for convenience use. Rotate the head few times till you get the right position for the edge of Sweeper reach the dirty surfaces.

Handheld duster

There are several items in the house that would need handheld duster to clean them, for example, the TV surface, tabletops and many more. Take the dry cloth out of Swiffer and now you can use it as handheld duster. After cleaning what you need to clean, you can reattach again with Swiffer pole to clean the dust that were falling down from the top.

Combine with vacuum

You can combine Swiffer Sweeper with vacuum for thorough cleaning. There are areas like under the coach, under the fridge or stove, that cannot be reached by vacuum. That means it is time for Swiffer Sweeper getting an action. Pull out the dirt and dust from those areas then switch the sweeper with vacuum to suck all the dirt.

If you see the dirt or wet cloth are torn, change it with Swiffer Sweeper Refills. It is not hard to change the dirty cloth with the clean one. Some people would use the dry cloth several times by the other side of the cloth. While for wet cloth, they will throw it in the washing machine or wash it by hands to clean the dirty cloth. However, you have to change the cloth with the refill once it broke or no longer clean well. Swiffer Sweeper Refills have different amount of cloth refill in one pack. It is up to you which pack you want to buy. The more cloth refill inside the pack, the cheaper it will get. With Swiffer Sweeper Refills, you will get new experience of cleaning the house. You won’t feel lazy anymore to clean the house and as the result, you will get clean and healthy house.

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