Ways to Clean Your Laminate Floors using Swiffer Sweeper Wet Refills

Having laminate floors means that you need Swiffer sweeper wet refills. Some people think that they need special treatment for the hardwood floor since they spent not little money installing it. However, having laminate floors is not the last thing to do to make your floors beautiful and nice. You need to treat them well. There are many wood products which can be used to laminate the floors. You don’t need to worry; here are some tips for you to do the chore easily. Of course you will use Swiffer Wet Jet products.

There are two Swiffer sweeper wet refills. The first one is wet mopping pad refills which have open window fresh scent. This wet mop has a textured which can lock and trap the dirt inside the cloth. You can use it safely on all finished floors. There is also a scrubbing strip to clean tough areas. For unfinished, waxed or oily wood floors, you’d better not to use this product because they are sensitive to water. The second product is the same wet mopping pad refills but they have lavender vanilla and comfort scent. The use and how to apply is the same like the previous one.


It is very important to take care of the laminate floors using regular chore. You can begin with Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth. The dry cloth can remove the dust and dirt from the surface of the floors. This is really effective to minimize the scratches from foot traffic and grit which may occur.


You must know the good thing of laminate floors. It is stain resistant. You can easily clean the stains in tough surface. Those tough stains may occur every day. However, it is important to remove the sticky stains right away before they dry. The Swiffer sweeper wet refills have the solution to clean up the firm sticky stains. The built in solution in this sweeper is really helpful. You don’t need to give much effort to clean even when you miss a spot.


Slowly and gently. That’s what you need to do with laminate floors. They are durable but improper techniques can damage its shine. You should but the safe products for your floors to avoid hazing and film build up. Film and hazing attract more dust and dirt. Moreover, they can lead to smudge on the floor. These Swiffer Wet Jet products are so perfect to be a solution. You can use Open Window Fresh, Lavender Vanilla & Comfort and Gain Original Scent. Swiffer Wet Jet has combination of smudge free shine with Extra Power Pads and scrubbing power of Clean Magic Eraser. Your laminate floor will be shine through the day.


Cleaning the floors using water can be complicated. If you don’t do it in proper way, the water can go and hide inside the laminate boards. When it is happened, you’re before beautiful floor will be lumpy and bent. It is better if you use steam evaporates and get rid the stain quickly. The Swiffer Sweeper Wet Refills can be used after the steaming.

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